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anxiety vs tawakkal

fuuuuh.. (*tiup habuk habuk kat blog ni)

rasa cam lama tak singgah sini.
maybe i'm just t0o busy growin up.
or maybe actually i've been struggling so much with ANXIETY bout everythin' in my life lately.

(gasping+breath in+breath out) huuh~*long one*
0o Allah,plis fogive me when i'm whining...
it's when i'm almost give up 
n then..
oh,not yet.i should realize that i'm not had gone this really far for let them just to be like that.
it would surely be useless.meaningless.

o0o my spirit.pliss come back.don't ever leave me like dis.
sometimes i feel like dis life is so mean. unfair. really are.
but rationally.. fact is fact. dis is surely NOT MY OWN WORLD. had to accept it. no matter what. can't just live like what we want.

ahh..i think i should not let myself be at dis state of uneasiness.even if my thoughts had always drifting n flying everywhere they can,i guess..stay chill.keep smiling~

dear.wakeup pliz.u know that u always have Allah.right?
yeah,the best fact that i should realize. 
now i know.
i should not think t0o much. worrying t0o much.
as i know..
no matter what..
i believe..
He knows more.more than anyone else.
so let them be with whatever their bla..bla..n blaa.. whatever come out in their mind.
not really important if they didn't see me either.
enough when He see me.
for He has always know what r the best for me! 

Although we plan, they plan, Allah also plans. And Allah is the best of planners..

p/s : rasa agak eeuww bila tak guna bahasa sniri.haha.
but the sucks fact is segalanyaa kena speaking english.inteviu,assessment, let me be. practise make perfect.